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The First Trip.

Our first time ever pulling our RV past 30 miles of our hometown.

Of course we have been practicing for five months pulling the RV around the county campgrounds and learning how everything works, but we hadn't ever taken it on the interstate, let alone go over 55 mph.

It was Tuesday, August 1st. We decided to leave a little earlier than expected since my birthday was Friday and it would take us three days to drive there comfortably. We wanted to be able to enjoy my birthday without driving. We didn't leave until the afternoon because we were waiting for an Amazon package to arrive. You know, the important stuff!! As soon as the package arrived, we went up to our town park where the dump station is and dumped our tanks so we could hit the road with an empty shitter and a little bit of water for boondocking at WalMart.

On the way out of town, my sister Erin was out in her yard and got to wave goodbye to us. It was such a bittersweet moment that I am so thankful for. Of course, it gave me a huge lump in my throat and I was fighting back tears. My sisters and their kids mean everything to me. It was really hard to say goodbye.

As we got further on the road and got on the interstate we could both feel our stomachs getting bubbly. We were scared shitless. Every single bump had us on edge and Matts hands were tight on the steering wheel. I had to take a ginger supplement because I thought for sure I was going to be car sick. It did subside after we got off of the highway we were on. The road was so bumpy that we just felt uneasy about every single bump. It was just a bit of a learning experience for both of us.

The first leg of our trip was a 3.5 hour drive that took 5 hours due to potty breaks. We got to the WalMart we would be staying at during supper time so we unhitched and leveled down for the night. Matt went and got Taco Bell for us. The girls had never had it and Corah asked if we could have it again the next night. I mean, it was the best Taco Bell I've ever had.

After supper we wound down and got tucked into bed so we could be up and going by nine the next morning. Our next part of the trip was four hours and with potty breaks and we knew it was going to be a little bit tougher than the first day. Most RV-ers recommend that you drive about three to four hours a day and with us having our three girls and two dogs, we thought three to four hours worked out perfect for us.

On day two we were out of the door by 10am and behind schedule per usual. We didn't have to be anywhere by anytime but we were excited to get to our next stop. We were heading to a campground with a pool! It was going to be perfect for us to get our wiggles out. Driving/ riding on day two was not as scary and Matt was much more comfortable. We were really doing it now. It was crazy to think we had our first travel day under our belts. We had prayed for these days for so long.

When we arrived at the campsite at about 3pm, it was a HUGE shock to us when we pulled in and it was very run down, no pool and just looked all around not maintained. We decided to make the best of it and go to the local attraction called the Corn Palace. It is a building decorated with twelve different kinds of corn. The kids really enjoyed it and they were able to run around a bit.

After the Corn Palace, we came home to whip up supper, relax and get to bed.

Day three was a quick 3 hour drive. The scenery became much better to look at as we got closer to our destination. No more fields of corn and beans but now pastures and fields of sunflowers. The occasional corn field but lots of sunflower fields. We stopped about an hour away from our destination to make lunch. We had wraps with a side of potato chips.

We hurried back in the car to finish up our trip and get to our new "home". Matt took a position at a campground to help finish out their season. It allows us to have a free campsite and he makes an hourly wage which helps us put more money into savings and buy the extra things we really want for our RV. Like solar, a third air conditioner, a dog fence etc.. We will be in our new location until October and then we will move on. This gives us the chance to really explore the area while still being able to relax and enjoy it.

When we pulled into the campground, the managers welcomed us with open arms. They even made sure I got the best spot for our internet to work since I work virtually. I thought that was the sweetest gesture and it really made it feel like we were in the right place.

There are other fulltime families here and the kids have already made connections with them and are ALWAYS hanging out with their friends. We have been to the pool, putt putt golfing, played on the brand new playground, ate at the restaurant, rode bikes, found a rattlesnake, roasted smores and so much more. It feels like a small little community. Everyone helps each other and work towards making the campground a place for everyone to enjoy.

So until October we are visiting South Dakota and living like the locals. It is such a beautiful place that we just feel so blessed to even be allowed to take this opportunity. Everything just feels elevated. Maybe it's the elevation LOL. Or maybe it's because we are on the exact path that our creator wants us to be on.

I am trying to find a schedule of putting out blogs to keep everyone updated and share our journey with you. I go back to work next week so that will at least bring me to my computer everyday. I think it will help encourage my writing.

I hope this finds you well.



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