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We Have Renters, Now What?

We have officially signed over our home to our renters and are FULLY only living out of our RV. During this entire journey I have always said that if at some point it didn't feel right, we would just figure out a new plan. But with every passing day it just feels like we're doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

We are currently staying in my sisters yard, boondocking or dry camping, whichever you prefer to cal it. Basically we are not hooked up to any electric or water. We do not have our solar purchased yet so we are fueling up our on board generator to keep us cool. We are able to use the RV just as we would hooked up to electric.

Our plan is to kinda bounce around for a couple months while we purchase the big expensive things we still need for the RV. Things like our solar and the RO system etc.. We also have to focus on building our savings account because I want to leave here knowing we have that to fall back on. We also have a few vehicles that have to sell before we leave and one is in the shop being fixed prior to being able to sell it. So all of these things have to fall into place before we can even think about a take off date. It seems like if I try and put a date on things it makes me feel more anxious about making a deadline. I can't rush things like someone else working on a vehicle I can't fix. So I am trying to stay patient because I know the universe will provide when the timing is right.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for an exploratory surgery due to some unknown pain in my pelvis. We are hoping it is nothing but also hoping this brings us to some more answers as to why I'm experiencing pain all the time.

So while we wait for me to heal up and get our RV and truck in the best shape we can for full time travel, we will be bouncing around our local campgrounds and boondocking with friends and family. As excited as I am to just get everything done and hit the road, I am enjoying the fact that we will get lots of time with family before leaving. The girls are enjoying being able to go to visit family without even having to pack a bag and I of course am loving the fact that my sister is helping make all the meals!!

So for those who ask when we are planning on leaving, there is no set date. Just once everything falls into place. Until then, we are just enjoying our new home.

Thank you to everyone who supports us and is following our journey.

Sending love and blessings to all.

-The Jesters


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